.@SenatorBurr Thinks You're Dumb. Call Him at (202) 224-3154 & Tell Him Defunding Obamacare is Smart

Do you think the GOP should hold the line on Obamacare? Do you think the GOP should tell the Democrats no continuing resolution will contain funding for Obamacare? If you do, Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina thinks you are dumb.Senator Mike Lee’s strategy on Obamacare is very simple. Don’t let the implementation begin. He has gotten a number of senators to sign a letter pleading they will oppose any continuing resolution that funds Obamacare. Yesterday, Senator Burr declared this “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of.” Dumber than Obamacare itself? Really? He might need to know the base is quite serious on this issue. His phone number is (202) 224-3154.



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