Why Does the AARP Hate Seniors?

We know the AARP is typically left-leaning and sided with the Obama Administration on Obamacare and other policies that will wind up hurting seniors.But now it seems they’re siding with the far-left environmental movement to put people out of work and raise energy prices — something that has a direct effect on seniors with fixed incomes.The AARP and Sierra Club
worked together to stall nuclear energy legislation in Iowa. They claimed the legislation would hurt seniors when, in reality, the legislation would have incentivized low cost nuclear energy production in Iowa.The AARP joined with the Sierra Club in Mississippi too. The issue was different, but the operation was the same. The environmental group couldn’t get its way so it brought in the AARP to scare seniors, who in turn called legislators.They did it in New York and North Carolina and Virginia among others. Each time, as the Sierra Club fell behind in its goals, it picked up the blue hair phone, called the AARP, and had them scare the mess out of seniors.But it’s not just the Sierra Club.With other groups, including Green Peace, the AARP is going all in against global warming. In the 2007 AARP magazine, they painted a picture of earth’s destruction. So while they advocate policies that would make today’s seniors’ grandkids unemployed, they also want seniors to know they’re destroying the planet for those unemployed grandkids. But, this is important because the trees are screaming.Worse still, in going all in with left-wing groups, the AARP is seeking to undermine seniors’ access to cheap power. Remember, the left has every incentive to raise prices on power by getting rid of cheap coal energy, opposing nuclear energy, etc. That puts the AARP on both sides of the issue as it tries to hurt energy producers. For example, the AARP aggressively fights rate increases, as you’d expect from a group claiming to represent millions on fixed income. It has watchdog groups that harass utility regulators around the country. From
Oklahoma to Georgia to Louisiana, the AARP wants seniors on “Watchdog” teams to watch regulators in the power sector. Of course, they side with liberal interests and turn those watch dogs into attack dogs.Check out this video of a Greenpeace activist admitting as much:
The AARP made $2.8 billion supporting Obamacare’s cuts to medicare. Now it’s siding with Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and others to oppose coal, gas, and nuclear power. It is not an advocacy group for seniors. Rather it is just another liberal interest group masquerading as caring about seniors.


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