Matt O'Brien, Associate Editor of the Atlantic, Calls Obamacare Implementation "Leninism"

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Matt O’Brien is the Associate Editor of the Atlantic.

This morning, I made clear I think Obamcare should be implemented exactly as it was designed and written by the Democrats on the timeline it was intended to be implemented. In other words — let’s proceed as the Democrats demanded when they passed Obamacare.


Matt O’Brien says this is Leninism.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I think Obamacare comes very close to being Leninism and the American people need to experience what the Democrats’ vision of big government healthcare as the Democrats designed it. Either that or full repeal, but no half measures to fix thing lest we never are able to rid ourselves of it.

Frankly, that the left is now in panic mode over this is a pretty good indicator they know just how badly this is going to wind up for them. So let’s proceed.

(Now, of course O’Brien really is referring to my position that we should let Obamacare go into effect, get so bad that it collapses, and then fix things, but then that’s what the GOP has said would happen all along. So now let’s let it go into effect exactly as the Democrats designed it while demanding and fighting constantly for full repeal. But good to know O’Brien thinks Obama is behaving like the Tsar.)


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