US Rep. Charles Boustany (@RepBoustany) Wants Louisiana to Embrace Obamacare

Robert Costa at National Review has a report that Eric Cantor is yelling at House Committee Chairmen for doing the right thing and opposing the farm bill. The Committee Chairmen recognize just how terrible the legislation is and Cantor is upset with them.One would think the House Republican Majority Leader would be more upset with House Republicans who want states to embrace Obamacare.For example, Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) should lose his sub-committee chairmanship for wanting Louisiana to expand medicaid in the state under Obamacare.Governor Bobby Jindal has been a national leader in opposing Obamacare and refusing to create a state-level exchange. It was this refusal to create a state-level exchange in Louisiana that other Governors adopted to the point that 24 states now will not do it. These states have caused such a mess for Obamacare implementation the feds are delaying the employer mandate as a result.They should be treated as heroes. Other states should refuse the state exchanges.But Rep. Charles Boustany, a subcommittee chairman for the powerful Ways & Means Committee, thinks Jindal and the 24 other governors are wrong.You might wish to call Rep. Boustany’s office at (202) 225-2031 and tell him you oppose expanding Obamacare’s exchanges and he might want to get on the right side.



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