The Predictable Narrative May Not Be

We are used to hearing the GOP is doomed with hispanic voters unless they do all sorts of things. I think much of what is said is said in a vacuum. Events and personalities change things. Likewise, I just don’t think the narrative is really as awful for the Republicans as so many in the press would have us believe.Consider Florida.Today, Governor Rick Scott vetoed legislation that would have given illegal aliens drivers licenses. The sensational National Journal headline is “Florida Governor’s Immigration Veto Predicted to Set Off ‘Anti-Hispanic Bomb’.”It plays off a quote from Democratic state Sen. Darren Soto who said, “Make no mistake about it: This will be an anti-Hispanic bomb if he vetoes this bill.”But consider Rick Scott’s history for just a minute. His support in the hispanic community has fallen to around 33%, but his popularity has fallen across the board. He’s working now on rebuilding his popularity. But in 2010, Rick Scott campaign as an immigration hardliner. He campaigned against amnesty. He campaigned against drivers licenses for illegal aliens. He campaigned against comprehensive immigration reform.And he got 50% of the hispanic vote. Friends, the predictable narrative may not be. If hispanic voters vote against Scott now, sure the media ail trumpet this as why. But he was against the same thing in 2010 and got 50% of the hispanic vote.



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