I Have No Problem With the Boy Scouts' Decision

The Boy Scouts of America have decided to keep the ban on gay scout leaders, but allow gay young men to participate in scouting. The vote was not even close. More than 60% voted to end the ban.I have no problem with this. While I would have voted against it, if a majority of scouts want that, that is fine with me. Their institution is allowed to evolve as they see fit. My father was in the Order of the Arrow. He spent a number of years fundraising for the Boy Scouts. I was in the Boy Scouts growing up in Dubai. It has been a wonderful organization.My son will not be in the scouts. While I have no problem with the scouts allowing in self-identified gay youths, and I believe churches should welcome in gays, I do not believe an organization that works to foster morality and strong character in young men can continue to do so while allowing in young men who identify as gay if the homosexual act is to still be considered a sin.To be sure, being gay is not a sin. All of us have temptations. But to act on that temptation and engage in sin, is sinful. We live in a day and age where many expect the government to subsidize birth control because sexual behavior in and out of marriage is the norm. Society no longer recognizes homosexual behavior as a sin, nor does it recognize sex outside of marriae generally as sin. Government now subsidizes the behavior.While churches should not turn away gays and should preach the full Gospel to us and them and require us all to repent, an organization like the Scouts will no longer do so in the context of teaching healthy morality and character to young men. The moral component to the Scouts will collapse in favor of knot tying, tent pitching, and badge collection.While being gay in and of itself is not a sin, we fool ourselves to think that secular society does not rapidly then move to the act itself as another form of normal. The truth is, for Christians the homosexual act is a clear sin and an organization such as the scouts that lets in gay scouts will not long maintain its compass in declaring the scout fine, but his conduct not. The scouts will lose that distinction just as society has and will, over time, allow gay scout masters. The wall is breached and cannot be repaired.They are entitled to do so. They have chosen to conform to society. I can choose to not support them. Other organizations will arise to compete.We live in a day and age when the Christian call to love the sinner, but hate the sin, conflicts with the world’s call to love the sinner and his sin. That is a bridge too far for me.I am not worried about my children becoming gay. I do not worry about them interacting with and having gay friends. I have gay friends. But I do worry about a society that does not recognize homosexual practice as sin. We all fall short of the glory of God, we all like sheep have gone astray, but that does not mean we should stay on the ground off the path of righteousness. We all must repent.The Boy Scouts of America now begin the winding down of their ability to serve as a moral beacon teaching clear Judeo-Christian morality and while I don’t have a problem with them doing it, I do choose now to opt out of considering supporting the Boy Scouts of America.



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