That's Mark Zuckerberg's Money They're Wasting at Americans for a Conservative Direction

So this group with the really crappy commercials I just told you about is being funded by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.Alexander Burns at the Politico reports that this group is his.How on earth does a billionaire liberal spend a pile of money to support immigration reform — and that’s what the group is for, conservatism be damned — and get a website and ad campaign that’s Dollar General level instead of even Target level?What. The. Hell?!?!?!Typical GOP consultants. Prop up a single issue — the Gang of 8 Immigration plan — and use “conservative” as the word to try to sell it. At what point do conservatives make Republican consultants stop whoring that word around? Heck, we’ve got the American Conservative Union now working with defense and infrastructure lobbyists for big government spending. This is nuts.Friends, the consultant class of the GOP at least screws rich liberals too. Gotta give them applause for their equal opportunity con-jobs.



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