RedState Will Key Vote Against the Helping Sick Americans Now Act, H.R. 1549

Mind you, we don’t have a scorecard, but we may have to use this vote to start one. The Republicans have decided to intercept the Democrats’ political football and make a touchdown for the Democrats.


The Helping Sick Americans Now Act is a great sounding law that lets the GOP contrast themselves with Barack Obama on health care. But let me explain in the simplest terms what it actually does. It fixes part of Obamacare that the Democrats designed. It makes Obamacare less bad, more palatable, and more likely to stick around instead of collapsing under its own weight as Paul Ryan and others have kept saying it would.

Basically, the GOP, in a noble effort to appear likable instead of effective, wants to move money from one part of Obamacare that is wasteful and does no good to anyone and instead prop up the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, or as the wonky conservatives who have decided to support this to look more humane and less wonky call it, PCIP.

Frankly, the GOP should not be in the position of wanting to save the pre-existing conditions mandate in Obamacare.

In fact, the GOP should not want to fix Obamacare at all.

Only a bunch of idiots in Washington, DC in the Republican Party could look at the rising animosity of the American people toward Obamacare and all its costs and burdens and say, “By God let’s fix it!”

Why the hell do we want to fix it? We should want to repeal it. “Oh, but we will keep advocating for repeal,” say all the smart wonks in the GOP and Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy. But then they’ll keep fixing and mitigating all the problems until the American people who presently hate the law finally say, “Hey, I guess it isn’t so bad after all.”


And guess what wonky nerds of the GOP? They won’t be saying thank you to the GOP.


Any Republican who votes for this is voting to make Obamacare more palatable and less likely to be repealed. We need fighters, not wonky nerds.

Vote no or you’ll get on our scorecard as someone who voted to help fix Obamacare and save it. Because that’ll be the truth of what you’re doing despite the bluster of all the conservative policy wonks who read Congressional Budget Office reports for the same deviant thrills as others who instead read that 50 Shades of Gray nonsense.


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