The Other Side of the Coin

Yesterday I made clear my thinking that those in the center-right coalition who are pushing the Gang of 8 plan are coordinating attacks on conservatives that are deeply harmful, inappropriate, and often off base.But I would be remiss if I did not devote a single post as well to the opposite side of the coin — those who oppose the Gang of Eight plan.In particular, the personal attacks by some conservative pundits on Marco Rubio personally. He has chosen take up a deeply divisive issue and there are some on the right who have long crossed the line in their attacks on his person and character.There are some fair attacks. When Marco Rubio ran against Charlie Crist, he used against Crist the Heritage study he now seeks distance from. That’s fair. It is fair that much of the present plan is similar to that which he campaigned against.People are allowed to change their mind. But some of the attacks, by conservatives, against Rubio are nasty, vulgar, and petty. They are not attacking his plan, but him.The left is trying very hard to convince hispanic voters that the right simply hates brown people. There are a lot of people on the right who, solely because of their tone and rhetoric, are playing right into that stereotype. It is, in fact, possible to disagree without being disagreeable and to dispute without being disreputable.I am not a fan of the immigration plan. I think it is a deeply divisive issue that could have been better handled by its Republican advocates. But there is a lot to dislike about the personal nature of many of the attacks being made by both sides.Marco Rubio does not necessarily deserve your support for his plan, but he sure as hell doesn’t deserve many of the personal attacks on him either.



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