We Win. They Lose. The 2nd Amendment is Safe.

Today in the Senate, a funny thing happened.We fought on principle, and we won on principle. You know why? Because 3 U.S. Senators didn’t listen to the “do something” caucus and the hand-wringers parading as leaders in Washington. Instead, Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul circulated a warning prior to the last recess saying they would (gasp) filibuster any legislation that would undermine our God-given, fundamental right to bear arms. It just so happens that this God-given right is enshrined in the Constitution.We have a play book, ladies and gentleman: fight and win.Thankfully these fresh faces in the Senate get it.You know who else gets it? The Gun Owners of America. From the beginning, GOA was standing up tall to defend the Second Amendment on principle – not in a game of political gamesmanship and endorsements of Democrats. They were crystal clear the whole time and led other groups, some of whom get more attention and prominence in the debate, in their direction.Heritage Action for America also gets a lot of credit for moral clarity and fearlessness at the very beginning of the debate. Their willingness to stand with Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul at the very beginning helped tremendously.Today, in Britain, Lady Thatcher’s devotion to public service and dedication to liberty was celebrated… not that anyone in the Obama administration noticed. The Prime Minister was tenacious and knew how to fight. She would often say “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.” Not particularly difficult to say – but sure seems difficult for most politicians to carry out.But kudos to Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul for being willing to provide leadership where there has been none.Now – on to Immigration.



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