The Busch League Campaign of Elizabeth COLBERT!!!!! Busch Goes Straight to Race Baiting

Elizabeth COLBERT Busch, who if you must know is like OMG Becky she’s Stephen Colbert’s sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!, is taking money from groups who are opposed to Boeing making the 787 in South Carolina.


That’s not playing well. She tried to deflect it by pointing out Mark Sanford got contributions from the same unions. Except . . . well . . . it was actually Sanford Bishop of Georgia and not Mark Sanford.

She’s also basically hiding behind her brother instead of actually campaigning because, OMG her brother is famous!!!!!!!

And now she’s doing what every candidate who’s all hat and no cattle does — going straight to racism.

Listen to this bizarre radio ad trying to stoke the flames of racial tension in South Carolina’s first congressional district. The commercial starts off with fear and intimidation toward the sinister GOP’s voter ID plans.

But then suddenly it shifts gears to Mark Sanford.

It tries to scare black voters that their voting rights may be taken away, then tries to tie Mark Sanford to that, then just descends into disjointed stupid.

When your entire campaign is premised on OMG STEPHEN COLBERT’S SISTER IS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS!!!!!!! SO LET’S GO VOTE FOR STEPHEN!!!!!!! I guess this is all we can expect.


By the way, if Ms. COLBERT Busch even knew anything about the racial history of her district, he might know that the district in which the first shots of the Civl War were fired elected a black Republican who is now the nation’s only black Senator (UPDATED: so apparently Senator Kerry’s replacement was named and now there are two black senators).

The district has moved beyond race baiting. But when your campaign is premised on a last name, I guess you’ve got to hold on to something.

Exit point: I love that a white Democrat is using Shaft to try to connect to black voters in 2013. Awe. Some.


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