When the Right Decided to Go Left, Thatcher Went Right

My friend Ben Domenech has a must read post on the passing of Margaret Thatcher. I would consider it necessary reading for Republicans and conservatives in America right now.In the 70’s the British Conservative Party had lost its way. Like in the United States, the left was on the rise, Soviets were on the march, and people began to accept the decline of their nation. Today, we’re at the point again, but instead of Soviets, we have the Chicoms.As Domenech writes, “Ted Heath, the Mitch McConnell of his day, had won the Prime Ministership stressing more free market views, but then embarked on all sorts of disconcerting steps: income and price controls, dropping his labor union reforms like a hot rock, subsidies for industry cronies, nationalizing Rolls Royce.”Heath collapsed, the public rejected him, and Thatcher set about taking over. No one took her seriously. They did not take her seriously because she was a woman and because she was a conservative. The press and intellectuals assumed that, upon election, Thatcher would moderate her views. She did no such thing. She ridiculed the state, championed individual liberty, and had an unapologetic optimistic patriotism in her that led her to an undefeated career as British Prime Minister.We could use some of that these days here. The right should stay right.



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