The Most Important Week in Human History

There are many candidates for most important day and most important week in human history. This week we remember what is arguably the very top of the top of the list.


As secularism increases in the western world, more and more are dismissive of the reality of Jesus Christ. Consequently, they may choose to dismiss the importance of this week.

That’s narrow minded Christophobic thinking from some seriously self-centered individuals.

The reality is that whether you accept that Christ lived or not and whether you accept him as the Son of God or not, that so many for so long have accepted the significance of this week in history should not be ignored. The events of this week, culminating on Easter Sunday, fundamentally transformed the world in ways no other event in human history has.

The rise of the Christian, the Christian religion, governments connected to the church, and the missionary zeal have impacted everyone alive today in every country.

The resurrection event shapes our language, our idiomatic expressions, our way of telling stories, the cultural impact of the ideas of grace and redemption, and the map itself.

In a world growing more and more hostile toward the things of Christ, there is renewed zeal to paint the impact of the Church on the planet as mostly negative. Nothing could be further from the truth. Men were filthy savages before Christ rose and much of the world remains that way with or without him.


Frankly, one of the failings of the post-Christian West is the rejection of the idea of original sin and being born sinners. When we remember that men are, at essence and without Christ filling their lives, filthy savages, we are more cautious in our advancement and progress. The Enlightenment and post-Christian West have deluded us into thinking mankind is better than it actually is on its own.

As mankind turns its back on this most important week and its significance, looking to itself instead of the cross, mankind embraces its corrupted soul thinking the world corrupted is Heaven and Heaven itself is hell.

Throughout this week at RedState, ironically coinciding with the Supreme Court taking up the case of “gay marriage,” we’ll be reflecting on the monumental impact of what we do believe was a very real event that impacts our world to this very day.


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