The Republicans Who Want to Raise Your Taxes

Remember 66 Canal Center Plaza?In November of last year I documented how much of the Romney Campaign’s third party operations were run out of 66 Canal Center Plaza.Suite 555 of Canal Center Plaza houses Black Rock Group, Crossroads Media, WWP Strategies, TargetPoint Consulting, and Americans for Job Security.A number of these groups either directly helped the Romney campaign or worked with the outside groups who helped the Romney campaign. The New York Times produced an awesome graphic of the incestuous ties in Suite 555.Oddly enough, yesterday I got an email from Americans for Job Security promoting the Marketplace Fairness Act. The email had a link to a post written by the President of Americans for Job Security, which had been posted at RedState in the diaries. The link generated a bad URL to 555 has gone from making millions off Mitt Romney to helping states try to make millions off you in massive new streams of tax revenue while driving up the burden on small businesses, putting them at a disadvantage to big businesses.And you know what’s so funny about it?Late today, in response to my morning post, something called the Marketplace Fairness Coalition tried to rebut me by accusing me of being in the pocket of Ebay.That was the best they could do. While I’m not in anybody’s pocket, I do find it interesting that 66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 555, has moved on from taking money out of your pocket to fund Mitt Romney and now wants to take money out of your pocket to fund the leviathan. And just like with Mitt Romney, they’ll tell you this is conservative too.By the way, they’re also trolling our comments here at RedState using anonymous proxies through Turkey to hide which offices are actually generating the comments. I bet they come from Canal Center Plaza.



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