Hey Mo Brooks, Don't Worry, You Aren't a Member

The other day I mentioned what is shaping up to be a conservative fight club, though admittedly violating the first rule of the fight club by pointing it out.But there are ten conservatives in the House willing to fight Republican leaders to advance a conservative agenda.It just so happens that Mo Brooks joined with these ten men in the vote against the rule on the continuing resolution. That doesn’t make Mo Brooks a member of the fight club. He just happened to vote similarly to them. But he was apparently confused.No Congressman Brooks, you are not one of the conservatives in the House that conservatives are relying on to fight against the squishiness of the current leadership, but thanks for reminding us about the first rule of fight club. And if you keep at it, one day we might add you to the list of awesomeness that is the list of fight club members. But keep up.



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