Today, House Conservatives Will Prove They Are the Problem

Yesterday, the White House announced it would stop White House tours in response to sequestration.

Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas responded by offering an amendment to the pending continuing resolution that would prohibit federal dollars spent to cover the costs of President Obama’s golf games.


Speaker John Boehner and the Republican Leaders ruled that Congressman Gohmert’s amendment was not relevant to the continuing resolution and threw it out.

Today, House conservatives will join with their Republican colleagues to vote on what is called a “closed rule.” This is a vote that will allow Republican leaders to bring to the floor of the House of Representatives the continuing resolution without having to deal with Congressman Gohmert’s amendment.

It will also prevent Republicans from being able to defund Obamacare.

Today, House Republicans will vote on a rule in the House of Representatives that, once approved, will allow the continuing resolution to pass while enabling and funding Obamacare.

House Conservatives will make it happen. In fact, House Conservatives who vote for the rule are voting to fund Obamcare. Passing the rule then conveniently voting against the actual continuing resolution cannot be given a pass.

Today, conservative groups must set a new standard — voting for the rule on the continuing resolution must be scored against.

Scoring on the rule must be the new standard because conservatives in the House of Representatives are all too often voting for rules to pass legislation they ultimately oppose when, had they blocked the rule, the legislation would not pass.


They will enable passage of the continuing resolution while voting against it. They will try to have it both ways.

Today is not the day House Conservatives will kill America, but they will show they are the real problem by enabling and funding what they have campaigned against and claim to oppose. They will have become all that they claimed they were not.

Jeb Hensarling, Tom Price, Jim Jordan, and Steve Scalise are the former and current chairmen of the Republican Study Committee. These men are supposed to be the leaders of conservatives.

Watch them today. See which of these conservative leaders and others fail us and fund Obamacare, while spinning their way through denial. Watch as they vote to fund Obamacare, then go home and tell you how much they oppose it because they ensured the continuing resolution would pass before voting against it.

Oh, but it’ll all be okay. We know they’ll fight on the upcoming debt ceiling. Hahahahahahaha. Sigh.


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