Colorado Senate Meeting to Restrict 2nd Amendment TODAY

Colorado Democrats have gone too far, and the time to stop them is now. On Monday morning the Colorado Senate will take up a package of anti-second amendment measures, four of which have already been passed in the House. It is time for conservatives to take a stand against this assault on our rights.The Democrats in Colorado control both chambers of the legislature and the Governor’s office. They assume that this gives them the right to subvert your constitutional rights. They seek to limit your capability to defend yourself by banning concealed carry on campuses and limiting the capacity of magazines. They intend to make it more difficult to procure a firearm through an expansion of background checks and increased fees, read taxes, on the same.Senate President John Morse has gone so far as to introduce legislation which blatantly contradicts federal law. Morse, with no regard for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, intends to make gun owners, sellers, and manufacturers liable for any damages that occur from the discharge of a weapon they owned, sold, or produced.So what can you do?Michael Brown, a talk radio host in the Denver area, is calling on the people of Colorado to show up en masse at the State Capitol TODAY and then do two things when you get there.I would like to join him in calling for those who support the Second Amendment and the human right to self defense to do two things on Monday morning:


First, show up at the Colorado State Capitol early Monday morning, March 4, and completely fill the building. Fill more than the hearing room, fill the entire building, floor by floor, so that the rotunda reverberates with the din of ordinary citizens showing their objection to the Colorado Democrats’ attack on the Constitution.Second, everyone, throughout the day, should take time to slowly, maybe up to five miles per hour, drive around the capitol building with their car horns blaring. And blaring. And blaring.

As mentioned by Brown, this tactic has been used before to great effect.In 2001 the Republican Governor of Tennessee lost his bearing and decided that instituting an income tax in the state would be a brilliant move embraced by the people.He was wrong, as Heartland reported in 2001:

As protestors began to gather outside the legislative chambers Monday evening, several legislators were taken away by ambulance and hospitalized for blood pressure and heart problems as tensions rose and tempers flared.By Tuesday morning, tax protestors were brandishing signs reading, “Let’s send them all to the ER!”On Friday evening, the state income tax proposal emerged from a legislative conference committee considering the state budget . . . after local news shows had already aired.


As citizens encircled the capital and honked their horns WLAC’s morning show host Steve Gill, who had helped spark the event, gestured to the standstill traffic encircling the state capitol and said, “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of freedom.”Can we make sure the Democrats in the Colorado legislature hear the sound of freedom on Monday?This is the fight, this is our challenge, these are our rights. We must defend them.[UPDATE:] The Colorado Legislature has brought in Mark Kelly to testify on restrictions to magazine capacity. As one person in Colorado told me, the legislature is bringing in people from out of state while ignoring people in state.



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