Yahoo! and Seriously Stupid Media Coverage

I begin this morning with a decidedly non-political topic.Yahoo! has a new CEO named Marissa Meyer. She just had a baby. She was criticized during her pregnancy for how she would or would not take maternity leave. Basically everything the lady does appears to be criticized.But the newest media outrage is perhaps the stupidest, most selfish bottom feeding outrage the media can muster.Marissa Meyer has decided that employees can no longer telecommute. They must get into a Yahoo! office.How dare she. The outrageous reporting is both entirely predictable and easily would be the stupidest media coverage in American today except for all the leftwing reporters under 50 attacking Bob Woodward for daring to criticize their idol. That story is like Elijah versus the cult of Baal and I don’t even care for Woodward. But I digress . . .In many of the stories about Yahoo! — at the Atlanta Airport today CNN was running one — outraged women everywhere were attacking this new mother for disrupting their lives.After all, telecommuting works at Google. Heck, it works at RedState. I live and work in Georgia and my office is in Washington.But what the stories are either ignoring or downplaying is that Yahoo! is a struggling, failing, flailing company. Perhaps we should give Marissa Meyer the benefit of the doubt that the status quo is not working and maybe the media might want to ponder whether Yahoo! has determined that telecommuting, as done at Yahoo!, is not working.Telecommuting can work if there’s a strong team and culture at a company. Given the turn over at Yahoo! no one could say that about the company for now.But instead the media will pump out the outrage over a business decision.Perhaps all the people outraged over the outrageousness of a business making a decision to improve itself might consider that perhaps Yahoo! decided it would rather have employees come into offices, renew relationship, and foster new team building instead of firing everyone and going out of business.Would you rather work in an office or see the company sink? Maybe what works at other places isn’t working at Yahoo! and maybe, just maybe, we should give the lady who saved Flickr a chance to prove she’s right. Piers Morgan is going to discuss this tonight from what I hear. I hope he is willing to raise this angle.



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