George McClellan's Ghost Must be Advising Congressional Conservatives

Forget John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Conservatives in the House and Senate have been hit with the stupid stick. All I can think is that George McClellan’s ghost is whispering in their ear.The conservatives in Congress — forget Republican leaders for a minute — want to make their stand not on the continuing resolution to keep the government going, but on the debt ceiling.Each time Congress has had a debt ceiling fight, it has ended badly for the GOP. Conservatives have been rhetorically slaughtered by even conservatives in the media each time they’ve tried to block a debt ceiling increase.And guess what? They’ve failed every time.They did get sequestration, but now are witnesses their own Republican leaders flail about and lose a PR battle over something Barack Obama himself proposed. Conservatives in Congress are worse than Charlie Brown getting a football pulled away from them. They are more a trained circus seal who barks for a fish from Republican leaders and does a few tricks to wow the crowd.Right now there is a brewing continuing resolution fight. Conservatives could be demanding defunding of the federal exchange component of Obamacare and the expansion of Medicaid. Obamacare remains deeply unpopular with the public and there are more and more signs it is going to be massively more problematic for the nation.But no, Congressional conservatives do not want to make a stand on the continuing resolution. They’ll take sequestration and nothing else. They do not understand that they should at least ask for more and negotiate back to sequestration in the worst case scenario.Instead, they’ll make a stand on the debt ceiling and see it raised again. Meanwhile, they parade around like heroes for the sequester when (A) it was Obama’s idea and (B) the only freaking thing they’ve done is absolutely nothing. Sequestration was last week and will be next week the present and existing law of the land. Conservatives did jack.George McClellan must be designing their strategy as conservatives in Congress these days are to me one of the mysteries of the war against the leviathan.



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