Where I Am on the Debt Ceiling Fight

We should fight on the debt ceiling, but we are not going to. Frankly, I think Pat Toomey’s push for a “full faith and credit” act has hurt us. It has provided the Democrats an opportunity to spin the media that even the Republicans acknowledge we’ll default if we don’t raise the ceiling, which is why Toomey is doing that.It was too clever by half.Likewise, you have scores of conservative economists saying we must raise it. The chorus is too loud for the GOP in Congress to ignore and it will be just a small group wanting to hold ground. We will look foolish and irrational when we all pretty much admit it is going to get raised anyway.That said, if Republicans will not pick a fight on the debt ceiling (though they should attach a number to it), they absolutely must fight on the continuing resolution. They absolutely must fight on defunding Obamacare even at the risk of a government shutdown.Obamacare continues to be deeply unpopular with a majority of Americans who are now seeing costs skyrocket. I think it is insane that the GOP does not fight on ground related to Obamacare.They absolutely must go through with sequestration and they absolutely must fight to cut government.I’ll give the a pass on the debt ceiling because they’ve been too stupid to get on a message. But it seems very clear to me they are being stupid on purpose. They have avoided media appearances and have been publicly in disarray. They have no unified strategy or purpose and all the super smart people like Toomey are unintentionally sabotaging all arguments and messages by trying to show how cool and conservative and reasonable they are.That’s where I am. We lost the debt ceiling argument going into the fight. We better regroup quickly for the continuing resolution and budget fight.



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