Regarding Dick Armey

This constant drip of stories about FreedomWorks is rather pathetic.So Dick Armey shows up with a gun toting security guard to launch a coup against FreedomWorks? OK. What’s telling is that Team Armey is doing a lot of talking to Mother Jones — a far left magazine eager to destroy everyone on the right. Currently, they are engaged in tearing down FreedomWorks.That Armey is complicit in this is sad.What is, frankly, pathetic, is this:


“FreedomWorks was the spark plug, the energy source, the catalyst for the movement through the 2010 elections,” Armey said, referring to the GOP midterm sweep. “Harm was done to the movement.”

So harm was done to the movement and FreedomWorks was the spark plug, but Armey was willing to walk away for a pile of money?That’s the pathetic and troubling thing. Armey was willing to go in and try to take charge, but was willing to give up the fight for money and then run off to a left-wing publication to tell his side of the story.If Dick Armey and his friends are concerned about “harm” “done to the movement,” perhaps they should not be willingly talking to a left-wing publication that has been pretty clearly looking to harm the conservative movement and bring down conservative groups.


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