81 versus 62 is the Measure of Jeff Landry vs. Charles Boustany, Jr.

The Heritage Action for America (HAFA) scorecard, until the day I get around to doing one, is pretty much the gold standard for conservatism in Congress. The average House Republican has a score of 66%.


In Louisiana, thanks to redistricting, Congressmen Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry have been put in a district together. Louisiana has a jungle primary where everyone piles in together on November 6th and, if no one gets to 50%, the top two vote getters go into a runoff. The territory favors Charles Boustany, but conservatives would be nuts if they did not rally to Jeff Landry.

Jeff Landry has a HAFA score of 81%, well above the average for House Republicans. Boustany? He is at 62%. It’s not like this district is going Democrat. We should be able to have the most conservative person in the district. If Mitt Romney does get elected, we’re going to want to make sure we have as many conservatives in Congress not just to help pull him right and support him from the right, but to oppose him if he doesn’t go right.

That’s a simple reality conservatives must be mindful of. Jeff Landry is more conservative than Charles Boustany. Jeff Landry votes with conservatives more often than Charles Boustany. Jeff Landry is the guy conservatives should rally behind.


In the past two years, House Republican leaders have promised a lot and delivered far less. There have been few conservatives willing to fight to the bitter end to ensure the strongest support for limited government is maintained. Jeff Landry, more often than not, was with us. Boustany rarely was.

This race should be a no brainer for conservatives. Jeff Landry should be the guy we rally behind in Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District. Give what you can and support him as much as you can. There is a clear difference between Boustany and Landry. We need Jeff Landry.


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