The Law Means Nothing

It is the law that sequestration will happen at the first of the year. It is the law. It is not a hypothetical scenario. As of right now, it is absolutely, positively the law. Defense contractors will be seriously impacted by the sequestration cuts. No one doubts this. It is the law.


It is also actually, absolutely, and positively the law that certain employers, including defense contractors, must warn employees of potential layoffs within sixty days of those layoffs. This is due to the Bill Clinton era WARN Act.

Because it is law that defense cuts will absolutely happen under present law within sixty days of the election, defense contractors must comply with the WARN Act and notify employees of potential layoffs.

But Lockheed Martin will not do this due to pressure from the White House. The White House has pressured a company to violate the law. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Lockheed Martin later gets sued for failing to comply with a law it very clearly must comply with.


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