Today the Media Will Probably Blame Bush

Last night Fox News broke the story that the mastermind of the attack in Libya had been released from GTMO in 2007 during the reign of George Chimpy McBushitler Halliburton and his evil Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, also known as Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.


But wait . . . there’s more. The United States had advance warning of the attack and only sent Marines in to secure the facility after it had been blown up and after the American Ambassador had been dragged through the street dead. Otherwise, the Consulate was guarded by locals. We also are now pretty certain there was no riot in Libya, just an attack.

The Administration’s whole story around what happened and what they knew is now collapsing. Were George W. Bush the President, the media would be going blind in the Politico’s bathroom coming up with stories about “impeachment whispers” or “echoes of the Tet Offensive” or “where is Walter Cronkite when we need him” or some such.

As the sun rises this morning, look for the media to start blaming George W. Bush. After all, the mastermind was let out in 2007 when Barack Obama’s first Secretary of Defense was in charge of the Pentagon . . . or something like that. Expect the media to ignore the advanced warning and lack of inaction by Barack Obama’s administration because, after all, they are victims within the 47% of Americans Mitt Romney hates . . . or something like that.


But most importantly, we should expect the media to totally and completely ignore that just two weeks ago the Democratic National Convention adopted a party platform insisting on the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay — a prison facility Barack Obama supported defunding in 2005.

In December of 2007, Barack Obama said he would close Guantanamo Bay. During the 2008 campaign, he said it’d be a top priority to have it closed within a year of his inauguration.

Expect the media to ignore all of this because BUSH!!!! ROMNEY!!!! 47%!!!!!

Leftwing activists on twitter already are.


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