The Film Maker Is Arrested

Glenn Reynolds has all the details on the arrest of the film maker who made the movie that Barack Obama says caused riots throughout the Middle East.

I’m going to be charitable here and presume that the man was arrested on other issues that would not have come to light had such much light been pointed in his direction this past week. Note in the picture it is local authors, not federal authors putting him in a police car. That suggests to me there is more going on here.


But, presuming that, if we really are dealing with people who really are rioting because of a badly produced movie that’s been on the internet for a while and they weren’t offended until subtitles were added a week or so ago, are we not now conveying a strong message to them that, in fact, the government can punish blasphemers? And if so, doesn’t that now give them incentive to riot every time someone in the United States pisses them off?

Or maybe it really wasn’t about a movie and the movie is just the scapegoat.


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