The Most Thorough Analysis of #DNC2012 You'll Hear Today

Today from 9am ET to 1pm ET, I will be filling in for the Talkmaster, Neal Boortz, who continues to use up nearly a half-century’s accumulation of vacation days before retiring. I have so much audio to go through regarding the President’s speech, the whole Democratic convention, and more. You’re not going to get a more thorough and exhaustive breakdown of why the President’s speech, objectively, failed him. I”ll even use Democrats’ to make the case for you people convinced I cannot be objective about it.You’re going to want to tune in to the show. If you can’t, you can live stream it by clicking right here.You’ll also be able to call in at 1-877-310-2100 or, in the metro Atlanta area, 404-872-0750.




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