Status Update on RedState

I’ve been MIA all week due to the RNC. I have a backlog of emails to wade through, many of which are user complaints based on the redesign.The good news is that most everyone likes the redesign. The bad news is that most everyone hates the tech problems associated with it, including Disqus.We made the decision to move to Disqus because we have over 1 million comments on the site and it was becoming a bear to manage on the backend. We were promised the flexibility to be able to use it as we wish, but it seems we are working more for Disqus than it is for us.A couple of notes — keep the comments coming. The coders and programmers are monitoring them. I’ve given them priorities in this order:

  1. Make sure diarists see their diaries in the appropriate blocks on the front page.
  2. Make sure RedState users can get access to their material from the front page.
  3. Either make Disqus work for us or go back to the old system.

Those are the top three priorities for now. We’ll get there. Sorry it is taking longer than we anticipated.


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