The Fanciful Political Cross Dressing of Charlie Crist

As the GOP head to Florida, the literal poster boy for trial lawyers in Florida is endorsing Obama. It is not a surprise. Charlie Crist was Barack Obama’s favorite Republican for the longest time. They stood shoulder to shoulder in support of the stimulus. RedState played a great role in helping beat Charlie Crist. Marco Rubio is such an improvement. But I do hope Charlie Crist gets a speaking role at the Democratic National Convention. They could use a refreshing voice such as Crist’s. See, Charlie Crist has long maintained Todd Akin’s abortion position — no exceptions except life of the mother. Given the Democrats’ extremist “abortion on demand” position, Crist would be a refreshing recalibration for them. Crist also has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. After a month of tragic shootings around the country, I’m sure the Democrats will do all they can to highlight their gun control agenda. Having someone on their platform who actually opposes further gun regulations would offer a more diverse opinion, Crist has also been a long time opponent of same sex unions. As the Democrats move further and further out of the mainstream on that issue, Charlie Crist could be a great tool for grounding the convention in reality — a reality where no American state has seen its citizens support gay marriage. Or, it could be that Charlie Crist really is a political cross dresser willing to say or do anything to advance his own agenda. Maybe he really is willing to abandon decades of his convictions to be back in the lime light. He did, after all, leave the GOP to become an independent when polls showed that was a best shot at election. He even continued to say he disagreed with Barack Obama on just about everything. If he is abandoning decades of convention just to get back in politics, well then he’ll fit right in.




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