Chairman of the Associated Press . . . Lewinskies Obama . . . Or Something Like That

You were expecting objectivity? Here’s the Chairman of the Associated Press introducing Barack Obama to an Associated Press meeting:
I get the desire to flatter the President of the United States, but really? He might as well have pulled out a blue dress and a cigar.By the way, it is funny to think of the groups that Barack Obama has not deigned to visit and those he has. He felt no need to speak, for example, to the NAACP. But he is a repeat visitor to the Associated Press.The American media establishment really is going all in for this guy and it is no wonder. The only silver lining is we are starting to see more and more good journalists embarrassed by their own kind and we continue to see some bright lights who are willing to be just as tough on both sides. But in the Gang of 500


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