Just a Reminder: Nikki Haley Remains Awesome

The Myrtle Beach newspaper brings word to conservatives nationwide that Nikki Haley remains awesome.The Governor, who had a series of vetoes overridden by the state legislature because she dared to cut spending, has also wielded her veto pen and seen the legislature back down recently. But, what’s so awesome, is the tears shed by liberals. Get this — she, in the words of the newspaper, “unilaterally” dissolved “the S.C. Arts Commission and the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium.”She also drew a line in the sand over pork barrel spending in the state, pretty clearly telling the legislature that the good times aren’t back yet and they need to not live high on the hog.Just read this editorial and you get a great flavor of what’s going on in South Carolina.People is policy and conservatives rallied to a great person. The result? Great conservative policy coming out of the Governor’s Mansion.



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