Shooting at the Family Research Council

The Family Research Council is one of my favorite organizations. I consider Tony Perkins a friend and he and his staff are in my prayers today, as they should be yours. A gunman entered the building this morning, took issue with the work FRC does (no motive is known other than the gunman uttering a complaint about what FRC does), and began to shoot. A security guard was shot in the arm, but managed to get the shooter down.It is not a political statement, but a fact that for years the left inside and outside the media has ridiculed the family values the Family Research Council defends. It is not a political statement, but a fact that had this been at an abortion clinic or the Human Rights Campaign’s headquarters instead of the Family Research Council’s headquarters, we’d be in for a week of handwringing in the media about homophobia and right wing nuts. But because the Family Research Council promotes the values shared by a majority of Americans, but only a minority of the left in and outside the media, this story will move on off the radar.Instead, the Human Rights Campaign, which aggressively supports gay rights, will go on calling the Family Research Council a hate group, which it did the day before the shooting, the media will give the shooting a passing reference, and it will all be forgotten until Brian Ross and ABC News can figure out a way to pin it on the tea party. Notes one nut on twitter, “a shooting at #FRC HQ was a long time coming. Though I’m surprised the #AFA wasn’t 1st. Hate begets hate. #NOH8 #Bigotry”Ironies about in the “NOH8” contingent. Here’s another one. And this one is from a social studies teacher.The nut job leftist who took hostages at the Discovery Channel and this person are not worth as much attention as those who can be portrayed as right wing nuts because there are no lessons that can be learned about right wing extremism from today’s shooting or that mess when it happened.In the same vein, Joe Biden saying the GOP wants to “put y’all back in chains” will be out of the news faster than if MItt Romney or Paul Ryan had said it because, again, it is not about values or speech, but about what the left, in and out of the media, presumes are the correct values and correct speech.This is further typified by disgust at Chick-Fil-A for promoting traditional values, but delight with Ben & Jerry’s promoting “correct” values.That’s not a political point. That’s a fact.



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