The Argument

Saturday on Twitter, my buddy Tom Crowe summed up what the two Presidential campaigns are all about:


This should not be a hard sell.

Americans remain pessimistic about the economy and future.The news continues to be bad.And in Barack Obama’s America, it is no longer enough to work hard to succeed. You also have to make a campaign donation to Obama for America.There is a story to be told. Solyndra, Ener1, etc. etc. etc. It is troubling that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are tied on the ability to fix the economy. It is troubling that in a recent Reuters poll more Americans thought Barack Obama was more likely to fix the economy than Mitt Romney.Mitt Romney did not have a lot of money to burn over the summer months. But there is a creeping pessimism in the ranks of many Republican strategists that the team in Boston is out to lunch.Paul Ryan was an excellent pick. He can help make the campaign proactive and not just hanging out for more bad jobs numbers. But the campaign needs to engage and there are some stories out there just waiting to be told by some Super PACs who supposedly have lots of money.It’s time to make the case — the GOP trusts the American people. Barack Obama wants everyone to trust him. That trust got us Solyndra, Obamacare, Fast & Furious, and so much more that no one wants.


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