Rick Allen for Congress in GA-12

The12th Congressional District of Georgia is routinely cursed with less than stellar candidates for Congress on the Republican side trying to take out John Barrow, the play it safe liberal who has cat like lives.There is a runoff for the 12th District between Rick Allen and Lee Anderson. I’m going with Rick Allen. Naturally, Lee Anderson would have you believe that Allen, a small businessman, is a corrupt liberal. Naturally, Rick Allen would have you believe the same about Anderson.

In reality, the issue is pretty simple. Anderson is a farmer, in the state legislature, refused in the state legislature to take a “no new taxes” pledge, and voted for the largest tax increase in Georgia history in a way that lacked any testicular fortitude — he pushed it off to voters and told them to either raise their taxes or he and the legislature would cut all their infrastructure spending. It was a catch 22 for voters and I cannot support him as a result.And then there is the short, simple, painful truth about Lee Anderson — the man has seemingly never met two syllables without tripping over them. In a debate, John Barrow would eat the man up with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself:


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