Blowing Up the "Paul Ryan Will Turn Off Women" Meme

I have always thought it was both vapid and shallow for the left and a whole lot of the supposedly objective media to claim that women voters vote with their uterus, or more specifically whether or not they get to kill kids.All this talk about “Republicans will defund Planned Parenthood so women won’t vote for them” is ridiculous, not borne out in polling, and all involves a religious devotion to killing kids . . . errrr . . . abortion on the left.If we’re going to use the left’s presumption that women are so shallow that abortion trumps all, we can play the game as well and presume Paul Ryan will not have a problem getting women to like him. Here are the top four searches on Google over the weekend related to Paul Ryan.J Google PaulRyan 2But hey! Barack Obama will always have the mom jeans voters.



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