On Mitt Romney's Taxes

I am a bit put off by the number of people on the right fighting amongst themselves over whether Mitt Romney should or should not release more tax records.As I said back in January, it was abundantly clear then that Barack Obama could just make Romney’s taxes an issue all the way to November. That the campaign hasn’t come up with a credible way to deal with it is appalling. A friend of mine noted in email yesterday, “Remember, the things the campaign is unprepared for are the things staff cannot directly challenge the candidate on.” The hang up here is probably candidate driven and the most plausible speculation I’ve heard so far comes from Josh Green at Bloomberg that it has to do with investment losses.In any event, let me just cut to the chase on this so we can move on. Mitt Romney is going to release those tax returns. You know it and I know it. Mitt Romney caves every time when the pressure mounts exponentially. With National Review on one side and the Washington press corps on the other, both pushing him on this issue, he is going to cave. We all know it. We also all knew in the primary this would be a problem and the Romney team put their head in the sand way back then.I just wish before Mitt Romney caved he would tie release of his tax returns to Barack Obama releasing the Fast and Furious documents or his college transcripts or more. Romney might as well try to score some solid points on this before taking what will be spun, rightly or wrongly, as a hit.But we all know he’s going to cave.



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