Wetting the Bed Over Mitt Romney

It’s like the GOP consultant class learned all the wrong lessons from Bob Shrum.

Of all the people to not be beating up Mitt Romney for his present not quite stellar campaign, I find myself in that position.I’m genuinely not that worried.First of all, remember that most of his primary money is gone so he can’t spend on a fancy ad campaign right now. He can’t spend his general election money yet.Second, I like the aggressiveness over the past few days. Yesterday, he gave a great rebuttal to Barack Obama’s grade school Marxism. John Sununu was actually spot on. Barack Obama really has no concept of American job creation.Let me say that unlike some of my friends, I have concluded that it is not that Barack Obama is anti-American. I don’t think he really hates America. I think Barack Obama is just profoundly ignorant about America and its free enterprise system. He wants to take over and “fix” that which he does not understand.


Barack Obama was raised first in Hawaii where his mentor was a communist. Then Indonesia and then back in Hawaii where he spent his time in a prestigious private school stoned. Then he went to private, super liberal colleges where his autobiographical fiction suggests he basically played the role of emo wanderer. Then he became a self-described failed community organizer. Then he entered the ranks of academics and politicians.Of course Barack Obama believes successful people should give back to government. He’s been quite successful in government. It is the only success he has ever really known.In the White House, he has surrounded himself with people who worked for non-profits. Definitionally these people have never needed to make a profit — just take from rich donors.Barack Obama’s administration is filled with the ignorance of America you get from liberal academics and rich people who’ve never done much work out in fly over country. That ignorance coupled with arrogance explains, in a nutshell, why unemployment is still over 8%.John Sununu was right. As a measure of just how right he is, consider that the Obama campaign now claims the President’s marxist comments in Roanoke, VA were taken out of context and they are outraged by Sununu’s comments when just last week the President’s team was calling Romney a liar and felon.Maybe had Sununu called Barack Obama a liar or felon, the Obama team would not be so outraged.Third, the President had a crappy month last month only to be rescued at the end by John Roberts. No one was calling for his campaign to be shaken up. Romney has had a bad two weeks. The central issue remains the economy, but Obama’s marxist comments from Friday in Virginia give Romney more ammo against him. Most Americans do not share Barack Obama’s notions of fairness. Romney can capitalize on those remarks with long time hispanic residents of the country, women, and white voters — all of them are already suspicious of Barack Obama. That the Obama campaign is doing damage control on those remarks suggests they know they have a problem Romney can capitalize on.Now, about Mitt Romney’s tax records. I said back in January at the South Carolina debate it seemed pretty obvious the President could run the general election on Romney’s tax returns. It was clear then and clear now he is uncomfortable talking about his wealth. A well oiled team should have figured that out by now.Mitt Romney has released his tax records. He has not released enough to satisfy Team Obama or the media. Frankly, I think he should release them going back a ways. But if I were Romney, I would not release them until Barack Obama released his college transcripts. It’s one more thing about Barack Obama we don’t know and frankly, it’d just be fun to watch Obama squirm. (Or maybe the Fast and Furious documents)If Mitt Romney has something to hide in his tax returns, I bet Barack Obama has something to hide in his full and unedited college record.Finally, can I just say what a bunch of charlatans and grifters most GOP consultants are. We have all these GOP Super PACs sucking up millions and millions of dollars to help Mitt Romney and now in the summer lull? Nothing. But I bet some consultants are getting rich. It’s like the GOP consultant class learned all the wrong lessons from Bob Shrum.




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