Stephanie Cutter: A Liar Or A Fool

Stephanie Cutter of the Barack Obama campaign claims that MItt Romney is either a liar or a felon.There’s just one problem. Stephanie Cutter appears to be the liar or a fool.This all stems from when Mitt Romney left Bain Capital.Guy Benson lays it out over at Townhall. In short, it has been well documented that while Mitt Romney had some interest in Bain Capital, he had left the company and ceased to exercise managerial responsibility.Moreso, the reports that Stephanie Cutter is relying on and that the Obama campaign ginned up in the Boston Globe and elsewhere rely on a former SEC Commissioner who is also a Democrat donor. The media hasn’t really reported on that.The facts, as Stephanie Cutter lay them out, actually do prove one of two things. Either Stephanie Cutter is the liar, or she is a fool and does not understand how partnerships are structured. Given the way Barack Obama himself treats private enterprise, we should not be surprised if he has someone working for him that is as ignorant as he is on the matter.As even notes


We find the Obama campaign’s evidence to be weak or non-existent, and contrary to statements Romney has made on official disclosure forms under pain of federal prosecution.

So, Stephanie Cutter, are you a liar or just a fool?


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