John Mica Votes to Put Women Out of Work

John Mica and Sandy Adams are battling each other in the redrawn 7th Congressional District of Florida. The choice could not be clearer based on this vote.It’s the highway transportation bill. Mica voted for it. Sandy Adams voted against it.Contained within the legislation, which Mica helped sherpa through the House by the way as Chairman of the Transportation Committee, was a provision shutting down American small businesses out west that allowed people to roll their own cigarettes. More than one woman worked in those perfectly legal, perfectly legitimate businesses.John Mica voted knowingly and willfully to put these women and men out of work.John Mica voted against American small businesses and for more excessive government spending. Sandy Adams voted for small businesses and freedom.The choice could not be more clear. Between John Mica and Sandy Adams, we should support Sandy Adams.



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