Transportation Secretary Praises Murderous Communists as "More Successful"

Obama Administration Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood has come out in favor of the Chicoms over Americans claiming that in China “only three people make the decision. In our country, 3,000 people do.”Hannah Sternberg of Regnery gives a great example of that Chinese 3 man success. Likewise, the famed high spec rail system in China has come under investigation for corruption, is not making money, and has repeated broken down. The same three people who make decisions decided to make the man in charge of the rail system disappear.Also, unlike the United States, the 3 men in China are able to have children forcibly aborted if their mothers exceed more than one child.Also in China, unlike the United States, the 3 men in China are able to kill dissidents exercises what we hick Americans call our “first Amendment rights.”But truth be told, in the United States, there are actually only 535 men and women who make decisions, with one Chief Executive to execute the law and 9 Justices to ensure equal protection of the law and justice.The states have a similar construct. The barriers put in place to decision making have been put in place by people like Ray Lahood, a relic of Congress — and Republican no less — who voted to expand government and regulation and who still pushes an expansion of regulation.Thomas Friedman disease has firmly set into the Adminstration. They’re rooting against us and for a murderous regime of despots.By the way, objectively the United States is vastly superior both on the freedom scale and in terms of economic progress.



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