The Amateur's Nominee

Brett McGurk is another example of just what an amateur Barack Obama is. Today comes news that the Commerce Secretary committed two hit and run crashes after suffering “seizures.” There is no word on what caused the seizures and Johnny Walker was unavailable for comment. (Initial reports were that drugs and alcohol were not involved)Now, there is Brett McGurk. You should read this if you don’t know who he is. But the gist is this.[UPDATED} Brett McGurk is Barack Obama’s nominee to be Ambassador to Iraq. His experience includes having an affair with a Wall Street Journal reporter and, around the same time, is rumored to be connected to reports of Marine security in Iraq observing someone getting a blow job on the roof of a building in Baghdad. Since this morning’s publication, we have discovered this rumor appears to have originated with Peter Van Buren, a foreign service officer who served in Iraq, though he did not name McGurk specifically in the rumor. Van Buren is now in a legal battle with the State Department over publication of his memoir. After searching, we are unable to find the video Van Buren referenced and therefore cannot corroborate the veracity of the story.There remain concerns about Brett McGurk’s racy emails from his government account.



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