Like His Policies, His Attacks Are Not Working Either

Barack Obama’s economic policies have failed to do anything except drive up the national debt. He has not created or saved jobs. He has not gotten Americans back to work. About the only significant industry he has expanded is the printing industry printing all the extra food stamps Americans now depend on.His campaign attacks do not seem to be working either.He is winning women, but not by the overwhelming margins he needs to get elected.He is now losing Catholic voters, a key constituency he won in 2008.He is even losing Democrats on his Bain Capital attacks. His campaign has spent more time explaining itself to Democrats this week on those attacks than it has been able to level the attacks. It doesn’t help when the Obama campaign is raking in money from Bain Capital and private equity firms while trying to demagogue them.In a nutshell, the Obama campaign must convince Americans that Mitt Romney would be a worse option on the economy than Americans already believe Barack Obama is. Running a campaign on the message of “you think I’m bad, just look at him” is not really a winning message.Last night, Barack Obama got a lower percentage of the vote among Democrats in Kentucky and Arkansas than Mitt Romney did with his base. Over 40% of Democrats in Kentucky voted against Barack Obama. Even at 11pm ET last night, the Associated Press had called the Arkansas Republican Primary for Mitt Romney, but still had not called the Democratic race for Barack Obama.


This is not good for the incumbent President.While all of this is going on, Cory Booker of Newark, NJ, Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Harold Ford, Jr. of Tennessee/New York, and Duval Patrick of Massachusetts were chiming in to defend Bain Capital.The attacks are not working.


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