On Fairness & Moral Cases

Another day, another socialist takes to the New York Times to denounce capitalism. With his criticism — he is a professional critic, which is a job no socialist society would really see value in except as an agenda of propaganda, but he thrives in the capitalist society he condemns — he premises it on some sort of morality. He mocks Christians for embracing capitalism with no understanding of Christianity or even a real understanding of capitalism.


But his critique is filled with the usual, and totally unoriginal leftist pablum about the evils of profit motive, etc. while ignoring arms length transactions, how the free market, unlike any other economic system, has elevated so many out of poverty, etc.

Along the way, we keep hearing something from these leftists, whether it be Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, or the Hollywood crowd is that the rich need to “give back” and “pay their fair share.”

They’re just as happy to quote a secular philosopher as they are the Bible. Elizabeth Warren famously said that the factory owner wants us to ignore the people who built the roads or ran the phone lines, etc. She, however, wants to ignore the factory owner’s idea, success, and hiring record — providing jobs to people to build his product.

But all of that misses the larger point.

Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, etc. have turned the federal tax code into a moral code and designated themselves the agents of moral fairness. They will be the arbiters of what is and is not fair. The free market will not. The collective will of the American people, exercising choice in a free market, will not. They will.


They will quote the Bible as justification for gay rights, higher taxes, government assistance to the poor, but they won’t actually follow the Bible. That moral code only has the Creator, his Son, Moses, Elijah, and many others willing to die for their beliefs.

Instead, Barack Obama would have us reject that moral code — while quoting from it to justify his actions — and instead hand us over to the tax code as a moral code. It’s agents? The President and Congress.

That’s right friends, Barack Obama has decided that he, a former coke head who once supported infanticide and got his political start in the home of a domestic terrorist, should be the arbiter of morality. But he is not stopping there. He wants Congress to be the agent of morality in writing the tax code.

So instead of God and the Son of God, our new agents of morality will be a group of present or former drunks, adulterers, tax cheats, pedophiles, extortionists, liars, and the like. They will decide what is and is not fair. And if you don’t like it, you must be a sinner in need of punishment by the Archangel IRS.

The tax code should not be about either political party’s morality. It should be about funding the federal government. But if the left wants to make it about morality, they should have a rational answer for why we allow Congress to be the agent of morality in the tax code? Because Congress is democratically elected? Well then I guess they are perfectly fine with 32 states banning gay marriage. After all, Democracy!


It truly says something about the hubris of Barack Obama that he could tell us we are our brother’s keeper when his brother lives in a shack in Africa. Practice what you preach, Barry O!.


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