Jennifer Rubin Just Can't Stop Making Up Stories About Social Conservatives

It would not be the first time Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post’s supposed scribe of the conservative movement, has taken liberty to smear social conservatives she loathes. It seems this time she’s being a willing mouth piece for Richard Grenell, the jerk Mitt Romney hired as a foreign policy spokesman.And let’s put heavy emphasis on the jerk part as Rubin does not even bother mentioning it and she blows hot air into her little sad trombone.When the story broke, I first assumed it was the Romney campaign blaming social conservatives as Jenn Rubin is the unofficial official Mouth of Romney. But the more we learn, it seems Richard Grenell metaphorically or otherwise stood over her shoulder as she typed out her screed against conservatives. Heck, she probably has an easily accessible template.Byron York has more insightful information. Turns out the Romney campaign had not even gotten Grenell on the payroll yet. Grenell quit. The Romney campaign asked him to stay. Rubin had to keep updating her post because the facts just don’t comport to Grenell’s spin.


What’s so hilarious about the Jennifer Rubin post on this business is she and others cite social conservatives as the bad guy and, more particularly, the left has fingered Bryan Fischer. a guy most people haven’t heard of and who the Romney campaign does not exactly adore or listen to. It’s worth pointing out that the left attacked Romney for hiring Grenell in the first place because they viewed him as a misogynist before he was a gay rights martyr.What Rubin does not mention. and the reason the left does not really like him, is that Richard Grenell had deleted more than 700 tweets of his that offended a host of people. He’d targeted the Gingrichs, Hillary Clinton, and a bunch of others. As a guy who knows a thing or two about what you probably shouldn’t tweet, even I have never deleted 700 tweets, let alone deleted tweets to get a job. But Grenell did.Now, let’s get back to the “gay” part. Jenn Rubin and Richard Grenell want you to know that Mitt Romney hired a guy who was openly and loudly championing gay marriage, for two weeks learned about the 700 tweets Grenell decided to delete, and when Grenell decided to quit they repeatedly asked him to stay.But wait . . . it gets better. The guy running for President of the United States would not, during those two weeks, issue any words defending the would be spokesman and so the would be spokesman quit and ran whining to Jennifer Rubin about evil, awful social conservatives. It’s like a badly acted high school drama.


(All voices delivered in a loudly delivered staccato meant to overcome any perceived monotones, much as bad high school plays are done)Richard: “Mittens didn’t pay enough attention to me so I quit. And do you know wwhhhhyyyyyyyy he didn’t? Bryan. Yes, that’s right Bryan Fischer from Mr. Perkins’s class. Mittens is too interested in what Bryan Fischer thinks.” Jenn: “Really?! Well, we shall have to let Sally, Sarah, and Susan know what Mittens did to you. How dare he think he can use us. Oh, I know, we can get on the internet and tell everybody our side of the story first. Of course they’ll believe us. Why would they believe those dweebs?!”Richard: “Oh Jenn, you rock!”Jenn: “Oh Richard, you rock too! Let’s get this done quick before General Hospital comes on.”Richard: “Hey, if you get this out there, won’t people know it’s me telling you this?”Jenn: “Rich, come on. Everybody knows you just say ‘sources say’ and they”ll think Mittens confirmed it. Besides, like would anyone totally believe those dweebs? By the time anyone figures it out, Mittens will totally like regret not speaking up for you.”

Boo-freaking-hoo.Richard Grenell is a pompous jerk who deleted more than 700 tweets to take a job. The Romney camp probably should have exercised better judgment up front. The fact that Grenell and Rubin want to use this opportunity to bash social conservatives and push the narrative that the candidate they support is being held hostage by social conservatives says more about them than social conservatives.




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