I Have No Sympathy for Gary Stein

Gary Stein is an active duty Marine who has taken to Facebook to complain about President Obama. He’s apparently come to RedState too, including ending one post with “NoBama 2012.”As you can see by the comments he didn’t get the reception here that he thought he’d get.I’m a bit appalled by the conservatives who have decided to rally around this guy. Were he doing this to George W. Bush, a great many people on the right now supporting him would be calling for a court-martial. The irony, of course, is that many on the left now calling for him to be disciplined would have been perfectly okay with him going after Bush. They would have treated him as a celebrity.Some areas of life should be removed from partisan politics. One of those should be active duty military. Gary Stein and many of our enlisted may not like their Commander-in-Chief, but he is still their Commander-in-Chief duly elected by 51% of the voting American public. What these soldiers, sailors, and Marines do on their own time, out of uniform, and not in service is a-okay with me. They don’t completely surrender their first amendment rights.Stein has gone beyond that though and does not seem to think he has any obligation, while in uniform, to show proper respect to his commander. On his Facebook page, he allowed Obama = Hitler comparisons. In his writings, he thinks soldiers should pick and choose which orders to comply with.It wasn’t right when left-wing soldiers did it to George W. Bush and it is not right when left-wing soldiers do it to Barack Obama. I have no sympathy for the guy and I really am appalled at some conservatives out there rallying around the guy.




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