An Extra Note on Pundits

Let me add a bit of extra “get off my lawn” bile to my morning post on young pundits who don’t know their history.There’s another disturbing trend and it has both Matt Lewis and me extremely aggravated. I’m not sure he’s written on it yet so I will. He and I were lamenting this a few weeks ago at dinner.The number of pundits on television, radio, and the internet who have decided to mouth off about political campaigns and have no freaking clue how to run a political campaign is really out of control. The other day I was listening to some young pretty pundit on television who was described as a Democratic strategist mouth off about campaigns. I had never heard of her. That’s not a big deal as there are lots of people I’ve never heard of down here in Macon, GA.But I googled the young lady and found out that her resume consisted of pretty much nothing, which was self-evident from the clueless way she spoke about campaigns. It really is rampant.


I got my start in politics in earnest in 1994 doing grassroots coalition building on a voluntary basis for a guy running for congress. I moved up to helping with fundraising, press releases, GOTV, etc. By the time RedState started, I was flying around the country helping people run for office, scripting commercials, reading poll data, and doing precinct by precinct turnout estimates based on historic data.You would be shocked how many so called campaign experts on television, radio, and the internet have never so much as phone banked for a candidate, let alone run a campaign. This is not to say a person cannot become an expert or sharp analyst on campaigns who has never actually sat in a campaign office stuffing envelopes at 3 o’clock in the morning. But it is to say that many who pose as authorities are not.In an effort to get the youngest, prettiest people on television and build blogs around campaign analysis from which one hopes to derive some level of reputation, the left, right, and center have started getting information about the political lay of the land from people who really don’t know much more than those relying on them for the information.Now get back off my lawn, please.



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