The Bad Messaging of the Newt Gingrich Super PAC

I was surprised to land in Miami today for CNN’s coverage of the Florida Presidential Preference Primary and hear one Newt Super PAC ad over and over. I heard it on rock stations. I heard it on Rush Limbaugh. I heard it on a sports talk station.It attacked Mitt Romney for abortion. Abortion. In a state with a massive housing crisis and a state that led the way in the fight on Obamacare, the Newt Super PAC decided to run ads in Miami, FL on abortion.There is just one ad that the Newt Super PAC needs to run and that the Newt campaign itself needs to run. They need to take Rick Santorum’s attack on Romneycare from the CNN Jacksonville, FL debate and turn it into a commercial.Costs are up in Massachusetts.People wait 44 days to see a doctor.And Mitt Romney considers his brainchild such a success he once wanted it as a model for the nation.Run that over and over and over. Spending that much money on an abortion attack on Romney in Florida should warrant Sheldon Adelson getting a refund.



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