Sarah Palin Says She'd Vote for Newt

This will probably be the biggest news of the morning. Millions have wondered who Governor Palin would actually support. She’s making it crystal clear now.On Fox News, Sarah Palin says if she lived in South Carolina she’d vote for Newt.The next big question is whether Governor Perry decides to depart the race before or after Saturday. And if he departs, will he endorse Newt Gingrich, who wrote the introduction to Governor Perry’s book Fed Up!With Palin’s endorsement, Rick Perry is now in a terribly awkward spot. If he departs before Saturday, he could be a hero for one of the non-Romney candidates. If he waits until Sunday and the race is close, as it appears to be, Rick Perry will rightly be remembered as the spoiler who handed Mitt Romney the nomination.If Rick Perry and Sarah Palin both throw their lot behind Newt Gingrich, well, the Republican nomination might actually turn into a race instead of a coronation.



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