The Huntsman Buzz In Iowa

Image descriptionI think it was a big mistake for Huntsman to write off Iowa. Today I am convinced of it. Every time the subject come up with Iowans I encounter, not to mention other conservatives here for the Hawkeye Caucii, they lament what might have been Jon Huntsman.While I have issues with his record as Governor, it is much more conservative than Mitt Romney’s and he has a much, much greater cross-party and independent appeal than Mitt Romney. People kind of like he doesn’t give a crap about pandering.But everyone closes their lament feeling Huntsman made a strategic decision to not ignore conservatives like Romney, but to give them the middle finger.What I’m fascinated with it is the number of conservative activists who keep hoping, even now, for a “that was really all Jon Weaver” wink.We have nearly reached the Rubicon when the ‘not Romney’ crowd is pining for Jon Huntsman.



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