Honest Question

For you Santorum supporters (and everyone else please be kind in this thread), I have a real and honest question for you.Rick Santorum was last in politics in 2006 when he lost his re-election bid by 18 percentage points. Yes it was a bad year for the GOP, but it was also the most devastating loss that year. (I get that 2006 was a wave election, but 18% goes beyond succumbing to the wave and suggests even without the wave he was a goner. I am unaware of any incumbent being swept out in the wave by that margin of loss)When you google Rick Santorum to find out about him, you’re as likely to find out leftwing bloggers have tied him to bestiality as to find out about his campaign. His appeal in a year of 8% unemployment seems to come largely from his stances on social issues — stances that several of the other candidates hold.He held office from 1991 until 2007 and prior to that was a lawyer where his biggest claim to fame was representing the World Wrestling Federation, arguing on their behalf that wrestlers should be allowed to use steroids because it was entertainment, not actual sport.So in a year when everyone is worried about jobs and the economy, in all honesty, why do you guys think Rick Santorum is the most viable and qualified candidate to put up against Barack Obama?Because I really and genuinely do not get why we’d want to throw one Senator elected President out of office and replace him with a Senator who couldn’t even win re-election in his home state.



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