Morning Briefing for December 14, 2011

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December 14, 2011
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1. Donald Trump Talks About the GOP, His Political Future, and Our Standing in the World

Earlier tonight on my radio program I interviewed Donald Trump. It was his first interview since announcing he would cancel the GOP debate in which he intended to moderate the candidates. Only two candidates had agreed to participate and Mr. Trump recognized that there was a real concern about him running as a third party.

So I asked him if he might and he said he just may run. He’s really concerned about the GOP picking a weak candidate. He would not name any names, but he particularly did not like Jon Huntsman. He took issue with Huntsman’s views on China, which Trump thinks are weak and dangerous.

We actually spent a good bit of time on China. Trump thinks we hold a strong hand against China, but political leaders on all sides are too scared to take on China. He criticized the existing debate structure for not going deep into discussions on China, OPEC, and American manufacturing.

Trump’s new book, Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again, is published by RedState’s sister company Regnery Publishing. You can get the book here and you can listen to the interview right here.

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2. Annual Deficit Will Absolutely Top $1 Trillion in 2012

Yesterday, the media was agog with glee over reports that CBO is projecting an annual deficit “below $1 trillion for the first time in four years.”

How did they arrive at that conclusion?

This projection was extrapolated from the Treasury Department’s report of the first two months of the fiscal year budget, which, as explained by the CBO’s monthly budget review, pegs the current deficit at $236 billion — $55 billion less than at this time last year. The media is conflating this monthly report with an outdated long-term CBO budget outlook, which projects only a $973 billion deficit for FY 2012.

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3. No, Ron Paul is not a threat to win the Iowa Caucuses

It doesn’t matter what you think the new Public Policy Polling result says. It doesn’t matter how many gleeful Democrats are writing up news stories claiming it’s true. It’s not.

Ron Paul, King of Earmarks, Full Metal Truther, and Archbishop of the anti-American Gnostic Constitutionalists, is not going to win the Iowa caucuses or even get close for one simple reason.

He wins people who don’t vote, but the Iowa caucuses only admit Republicans.

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4. The New York Times and Its Anti-Fracking Cargo Cult

Another day, another distorted and fear-mongering attack from the Old Grey Lady on America’s natural gas industry.

Headline: Add Quakes to Rumblings Over Gas Rush
(originally published under the headline “Some Blame Hydraulic Fracturing For Earthquake Epidemic”; link may require subscription/signup)

Here, the Times conflates two dissimilar processes in an attempt to create fear and worry about natural gas.

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